they're cute~

Song Seunghyun <3

Lee Hongki <3

Bang Cheolyong (Mir) <3
Don't you think Mir looked alike with Hongki? o_O

Lee Jinki (Onew) <3

Kim Kibum (Key) <3
Lee Hyunwoo <3
Jang Wooyoung <3



I paint henna on my younger sister's hand, with henna nail art too ^ ^
I know it's not so good, but i just want to post it :)

And the last one is my hand picture. i wonder why my hand has short fingers and looks so fat. My sister and I are both so skinny. So it's unfair that my hands are so chubby ><
I know if the henna color is not so good too, but i don't like black henna ^ ^