another henna parade

Another henna photos, but this time the henna was painted by a henna expert, not me.

^My elder sister's

What do you think about my floral dress on that photo? I bought it together with my bestie. She bought a knee dress and mine is a long dress :)

^My cousin's

^ My younger sister's

We had our hands painted on my uncle's wedding. We call the henna lady to come to our house and paints our hands. It was super fun! :D

henna/mehandi parade ~~

Just want to post some of my handmade henna :)

Ok, this one is quite scary. All my friends said so XD~

I think the henna above was my best handmade
But unfortunately the color didnt turned out good

^The hand belongs to my 15 yo sister :)

^The foot belongs to my 8 yo sis :)

^The hand belongs to my 5 yo sis :)

^The foot belongs to my 13 yo sis :)

Hehe, you must be confused. I have 5 sisters :) And some days ago, 4 of my sis want me to paint henna for them. So i painted on their hands and feet and then i post the photo here. Sorry for the super messed up background! Please ignore it! XD


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lolita nail art

Hi guys! Today i'm going to post my 2nd lolita nail art. The 1st one was made a year ago XD
I post all of my nail art in fb and poupeegirl, you can add my fb if you don't mind :)

I bought 2packs of lolita nail stickers. I've used the 1st sticker with natural base color but it turned out ugly and didn't look so lolita,haha. So then i bought pink nail polish, and fortunately it suits well with my 2nd sticker. And here's the result.

All of you must be annoyed to see my short finger nails! XD I'm sorry, but i always feel uncomfortable with long nails. Anyway, if you take a look on my skin, you will see that it's somewhat exfoliated. It's because i wash dishes in the previous day. My skin is always exfoliated after i wash dishes (my hand's skin, not my body XD), it doesn't hurt at all but i think it's just annoying.

Anyway i tried newspaper nail art today but it turned out awful! I didn't noticed if my base hasn't completely dry but i just dipped it in alcohol and pat the newspaper on. So the paper sticked on my nails and it looks horrible XD