Explosion Tape Mani

Hi girls! Today I'm going to post my old explosion tape manicure photo. I got the tutorial from other nail blogger, but I forgot her name, I'm sorry! ^^v

Please just ignore my sweet finger, I accidentally cut my finger while I was cleaning my scissor to cut the tape -_-
But anyway don't you think the animal printed bandage looks cute? hihi XD

Maybe you can't clearly see what colors that i painted on my nails. Well, let me explain it one by one. I put on the explosion shaped mani on my nails right after I let my base coat dry. Then I paint one third of my nail (the lower part) with light pink polish, it's the one that I hold in photo.
And I paint the upper part with dark pink, sorry that i don't show the polish on photo ^^v. And i let the center part unpolished.

Then I paint a layer of silver glitter polish on my nails. After I  got it dry, I pulled off all the tapes and started draw black outline for the explosion effect. For the final touch i apply a layer of top coat.
I know that the result wasn't so good since it was my first attempt on tape mani, but honesty I really liked it ^ ^

Have a wonderful day, friends! :)


A new giveaway from Holly and Polish

Holly and Polish is hosting a new giveaway, again! This time the winner will get entire China Glaze Cirque Du Soleil Worlds Away Collection! Awesome, right? ^^

This colletion consists of the following polishes: It's A Trap-Eze, Whirled Away, Escaping Reality, Surreal Appeal, Def Defying, Running in Circles, Hanging in the Balance, Water You Waiting For, Creative Fantasy, Bend Over Backwards, Igniting Love, and Get Carried Away!

Here is the picture of the gorgeous polishes

Anyway this giveaway is opened internationally. I'm joining it right now! Please join is as well! Here is the link for you girls : http://www.hollyandpolish.com/2012/12/china-glaze-cirque-du-soleil-worlds.html


My Flower and Gold Nailart

Recently i made french mani using gold glitter polish and some white flower stickers with gold accents.
The result was so pretty and elegant, and the design somewhat reminds me of X-mas nail design :)

I think i set the sharpness too high for this photo >< That's why it looks weird
Well, after i got the gold french, i put on some stickers to beautify the look :)

Can you see the henna tattoo on my palm? It didnt match with my mani so in the 2nd photo i decided to hide my palm :3

Anyway, it was my mom who choose the sticker, i was hanging out with her and stopping by at an accesories store, and she found this beautiful sticker. Love you mom! :*

Soon i'm going to post other photos of my recent manicure. I got chickenpox so i need to skip school, but i really have nothing to do at home :( So maybe i will just blogging and poupeeing :(
And guess what, there's something wrong with my old bed so i feel pain all around my body right after i woke up. I even can't breathe easily :( It's been twice i got pain because of my bed :'(

Have a wonderful day, friends! :D