My Flower and Gold Nailart

Recently i made french mani using gold glitter polish and some white flower stickers with gold accents.
The result was so pretty and elegant, and the design somewhat reminds me of X-mas nail design :)

I think i set the sharpness too high for this photo >< That's why it looks weird
Well, after i got the gold french, i put on some stickers to beautify the look :)

Can you see the henna tattoo on my palm? It didnt match with my mani so in the 2nd photo i decided to hide my palm :3

Anyway, it was my mom who choose the sticker, i was hanging out with her and stopping by at an accesories store, and she found this beautiful sticker. Love you mom! :*

Soon i'm going to post other photos of my recent manicure. I got chickenpox so i need to skip school, but i really have nothing to do at home :( So maybe i will just blogging and poupeeing :(
And guess what, there's something wrong with my old bed so i feel pain all around my body right after i woke up. I even can't breathe easily :( It's been twice i got pain because of my bed :'(

Have a wonderful day, friends! :D


  1. Love the nails and awesome henna tattoo!


  2. This is my favorite nail art done by you, and your hands are super cute too ~ Wish I had long nails :(
    Thanks for your comments, and Happy new year!