Tuna Spring Roll Recipe

(Picture taken from my Instagram)

Today I'm going to post a recipe of the springroll that I just made this afternoon. No one asked me to share the recipe but I just feel like sharing it since it was easy to make ^^
The recipe is not my own one, I got it from a blog. I was craving for savory food, and I remembered that Mom have some spring roll wrappers left in refrigerator after she made her samosa. And also there are some leftover tuna that my Dad bought few days ago. So why not a tuna spring roll? xD
You can click this link for the recipe, although I will also type the recipe here (with a little bit of modification hehe)

fresh tuna ( I don't use any exact amount, anyway you can substitute tuna with stir-fried chicken or beef meat )
1 medium-sized potato
1 small-sized carrot
4 scallions, finely sliced
chili powder and ground white pepper (optional)
salt to taste
2 eggs, beaten
spring roll wrappers, separated
vegetable cooking oil for frying

How to :
1. Steam the fresh tuna, then chop it into chunks. If you use beef or chicken meat, you can stir-fry it with some onion and salt to make it savory.
2. Cut the potato and carrot into small cubes. Fry them and drain on paper towel.
3. Mix tuna with potato, carrot, scallions, and the seasonings. Stir well.
4. Add the beaten eggs into the tuna mixture. Just pour about 3/4 of it, you don't want your spring roll filling to be too wet, it might torn your wrapper. Use the leftover eggs as glue later on the folding section.

You know what? There were only 3 wrappers left on my refrigerator, lol xD I was thinking about make the rest of filling into omelette, but then my Mom told me to make some rissole skins as wrapper.
So here I will also tell you the recipe of rissole wrapper (my picture above the post shows you what a rissole is). I dont use any exact amount of everything, lol. Just based on my mom's instinct haha.

So the recipe is :
flour (It's maybe about 100gr, I didn't measure it ><)
1 egg
salt to taste

Mix all the ingredients well. Your batter should be thin, uhmm maybe as thin as crepe batter.
Then heat a pan on a stove (low heat), spread a spoonful of your batter on the pan. SPREAD it, like how you spread crepe batter. The rissole wrapper size should be smaller than your spring roll wrapper since it has thicker consistency.
Cook the rissole wrapper evenly on both side. Just cook it for a while, not too long, the color of the rissole shouldn't get yellow/ golden, you don't have to wait till the color change, just cook on both side till " it can be touched", no longer a wet batter.

I'M SORRY FOR MY LAME EXPLANATION >< I will learn English more so I can provide more qualified blog posts ^^v

Ok now we go to the folding section. You can learn the best way to fold your spring roll here.
You can fold your rissole in the same way as spring roll. But if your rissole wrapper is too thick, maybe you'll face difficulties on folding it ^^v

Don't forget to glue the end of your spring roll and rissole wrappers with eggs. You can just start frying your spring roll. But for the rissole, there are 2 more steps needed before you start frying it.
Beat 1 egg together with a very little bit of flour and water. Dip your rissole into the egg mixture. Roll it over breadcrumbs. Then you can fry it ^^

Sorry for no step by step photos. I never made any proper cooking tutorial before so that's why I'm bad in this >< Hope you enjoy my post and have a nice day ^^


Gift from Japan

Today I'm going to post some pictures of my package that has just arrived today from Japan. It's a gift from my Japanese friend, Ushiko (she's the one who gave me the 2 gifts in my older posts (this and this). It was supposed to arrived during Christmas week. But weeelll, I don't want to expect too much from the post office in my country, at least I'm so relived that my package didn't get stolen. My friend Ushiko send me a dress from famous Japanese brand (I don't really remember the name) a long long time ago, and I never seen it since IT WAS STOLEN by the post officer. Well I don't have any evidence, but I'm pretty sure it was stolen since it's a branded dress, and this is not my first time hearing this kind of news. I mean, too many thieves here in my country, you can just trust NO ONE. And I think this kind of thief post officer doesn't only exist in my country, right? Sure one of you have ever experience the same thing.

The package arrived in OPENED condition. Yes, all my package from her always being opened first by them (the post officers). I don't know if this also happens in other country, but I just hate it! It's supposed to be private, I should be the first person who see it. My friend won't send me bombs or guns, seriously -,-
Surely my dress was stolen right after they open it. Maybe the officer thinks that the dress would fits her daughter or something so that's why he steal it. Nevermind, God is never sleep, right? God knows what to do with those kind of person :D

Ok I will start with the 1st picture

It's a hello kitty towel/handkerchief. I don't know why but my friend always include one or more handkerchief in the package. My mom is always the one who got in love with these handkerchieves since she 'collects' it (I mean she has a lot xD). But nevermind, I'm just grateful with all the gift and I will just treasure it xD

Cheburashka! I used to know nothing about this character, but few days ago Line Play made the Cheburashka avatar and I was like "Oh this is so cute!", aaaand now I got my very own Cheburashka item. What a coincidence! <3

Above keychain is from Samantha Thavasa. I don't really know about that brand, but all I know that luggage keychain is so cute! And it's pink! Lol. I was looking at the plastic package, and I saw the word Lipton. It reminds me of the Lipton sweets spoon keychains. First time I saw that keychain photo posted by my poupeefriend, I suddenly fell in love! Haha. If only I can have that spoon keychain... But of course I'm not gonna beg to my friend to send me that keychain (though it was cheap xD). She's been so kind to send me all of these stuffs that I never have before, so I'm very thankful! ^^
Anyway this is the spoon keychain photo, I got it from Google

And this photo is another phone strap from her, a random pink little bunny. I don't know the brand because it's written in Japanese,hehe.

And this one. I'm sure y'all know his name (I'm the only one who don't know, or maybe he has no name? :/ ). He's the mushroom from Mario game, right? I love this little mushroom, it's just so cute <3

And this is Mickey delivery truck from Disney. I've just realized that the thing behind the truck was a bowl of rice, hehe.

Cute stitch!!!!

Another cute little creature with unknown brand. I have to say that this is my favourite among all. I love that creepy little evil dressed in cow costume. And also it made from a good material, kind of strong a little bit heavy. PERFECT!

Anna Sui Clutch. I don't know if this is a real Anna Sui item or not. But all I know Japan doesn't have any fake brand stuffs. Am I right? My mom completely in love with this beautiful holographic clutch, especially with the fact it has some card holder inside just like another perfect clutch,hehe.

And this one, ummm, I think it's some kind of traditional card with the seal. I thought of it after seing the back side of the package.
I was afraid to ruin it if I open it,haha. Because the bird ornament looks so delicate. But then I opened it carefully, it was really a card with two envelopes and that bird as a seal. Japanese people are really creative and so detailed. The bird ornament must be a handmade, I think, and it's just very well designed <3

Banana crepe! It looks so real, right?? This is also my favourite!

Above photo is the plastic bag where she puts the little straps and keychains. It's super cute that I decided to keep it, hahah! I also used it as background for most of the pictures above.
And the last but not least, here is the postcard from her.

My friend never forget to put a simple letter or a postcard in her gift, and it's always cute! I'm not showing you the content because it's private,only between bestie and bestie, hihi ;)

That's all for my post today! I'm still waiting for other gift from my Finland friend which is also supposed to arrived during Christmas. She only sent handmade Christmas, it's just so weird that it took a long time to arrives. I'm still hoping that I will get my card.

I just remembered that I used to collect miscellaneous keychains and phone straps when I was younger. But I stopped collecting them because I don't want to waste my money, lol. But with this gift I feel like collecting those items again, haha. I really really love all the gift! I'm not that kind of a girl who always celebrate birthday with big party and got many gifts. I rarely got any gift from no one, so that's why I'm always super excited and grateful when I got anything from person who loves me ^^

Have a nice day everyone! :D


Another Nail Art Pictures

Those were my nails and my lil sis nails, she wants a nail art so bad but her nails were too tiny, so I only put on some small stickers,hehe

2 above pics show you how my nail looked like during Eid. I love sparkles! <3
Sorry for different lighting! ^^v


Marble Steam Cake

Today I'm going to post steam cake recipe that I made few hours ago ^^ My blogger friend, Jannatul Rahamoni requested it through Instagram after I post my steam cake recipe. Here is the pic.
Sorry for bad picture,hehe ^^v But as you can see, the cake was quite fluffy and rise well. Steam cake might be only popular in several countries in Asia (or maybe only Indonesia? :/). The cake texture was different compared with baked cake. Baked cakes are usually a little bit dry, especially the edge of the cake. But this steam cake is just fluffy inside and outside. You don't have to cut any edge, like what usually done on baked cake to make it prettier.
My mom is the one who keeps on insisting me to make this cake. I don't really like to make cake, because of the fact that I often fail, LOL XD This is my first attempt in making this kind of steam cake, there are many kinds of steam cakes, this one is quite harder than what I ever tried, but gives better result too :)
Enough for the prologue, here's the real recipe :

2 eggs
200 gr sugar
2 tsp cake emulsifier
275 gr all purpose flour
1/2 tsp baking powder
225 ml plain soda (I use sprite, but I forgot reduce the sugar amount, so it turned out sweeter than expected,hehe)
chocolate paste (optional)
1/2 tsp vanilla sugar, or you can replace it with vanilla extract

1. Mix flour and baking powder, set aside.

2. Beat eggs+sugar+cake emulsifier with mixer (high speed) for about 10 minutes till it become stiff.

3. Lower the speed of your mixer (lowest speed). Add flour mixture into your batter, just little by little, and keep on whisking. Alternate with soda. I mean put flour a little bit, then soda a little bit, then flour again, continuously while keep on whisking. If you put all the flour inside and then soda, it will be harder for you to mix it well, the dough will be too stiff. Turn off your mixer, add vanilla sugar into the dough and mix it with wooden/plastic spatula. The dough has to be well mixed :D

4. Take about 200 gr of the batter (or you can use your feeling, no need to measure,hehe), add chocolate paste. Actually it stated in the recipe that it needs 1/8 tsp of chocolate paste for 200 gr batter. But I put almost 1 tsp and I still got no chocolate taste. But this is optional, you can put the paste as many as you want (not too many or it'll taste weird,lol), you can also use other paste. Or if you don't want any flavouring, you can use food colorings (so you still able to make marble with different color), or just skip this step if you don't want any marble design, hehe. After this step completed you will get white batter and chocolate batter.

5. Pour the white batter into greased mold (grease the mold with butter/vegetable oil). Or pour it into cupcake mold covered with cupcake papers. Pour it only about 1/2 of the mold. Then pour the chocolate batter, only 1/4 above the white batter. You need to leave space a little bit because it will rise a lot.
Use chopstick or satay stick to make marble design, don't let your stick touch the bottom part of the mold.

6. Steam it in preheated steam pot for about 10-15 minutes (high heat).

Sorry for my confusing tutorial! My English is just so messy! But I hope everyone can understand ><
Any questions are welcome ^_^


Nail art pictures

Just want to post several pics of my recent nail art. They're not so good, but I think it's okay to share it,lol XD


Lovely Lue 700 Followers Giveaway~!

Finally a new post after a long time vacuum ^^ But this time I'm going to write post in Indonesian, sorry for my international readers ^^v

Naaaah, ini post ku pake bahasa Indonesia yang ke-2 :D Sekarang bakal ngebahas tentang giveawaynya ci Lulu from Lovely Lue. Post indo ku yang pertama juga bahas giveawaynya ci Lulu nih, haha :D
Jadi critanya giveaway kali ini buat celebrate (ini bahasanya yg bener gimana ya --a) 700 followersnya cici. Congrats for your achievement yaa cii! :D For the detail you guys can see it in her post about this giveaway ;)

Total bakal ada 5 pemenang, tapi ada 1 buat pemenang Keek, yang ini sih aku ga bisa join soalnya ga punya Keek (android app semacam instagram tapi buat post video). Jujur ngiler banget pas baca kalo hadiah Keeknya 'cici banget', jadi ngebayangin sesuatu berbau make-up, rose, pearls, bling bling, or even her own made hand cream. SUMPAH MAU BANGEET! Tapi daripada maksain bikin Keek trus ga kepake *gara2 gak tau apa yang mau di-video-in* kan mending ditahan aja napsunya, hiks :'(

Nah dari 4 pemenang sisanya, bakal ada 1 yang jadi pemenang favorit yang dipilih langsung sama cici, jelas hadiahnya beda sama 3 pemenang lain. Pemenang 1, 2, 3 bakal dapet voucher 500.000 buat belanja di olshop langganan cici "Palacio de Bella". Palacio de Bella ini olshop kosmetik (dari apa yg aku baca di blog cici,hehe), dan dari ceritanya cici kayanya emang nih olshop recommended banget,secara sellernya jujur banget. Buat yang penasaran sama cerita ci Lulu baca di postingan cici tentang giveawaynya. Nih aku kasi link lagi,hehe. Buat yang pemenang favorit dapet hadiah LEGENDARY HANDMADE nya ci Lulu, cici sih masih main rahasia2an tentang jenis handmade-nya. Taapiiiii, apapun ituuuuu, akuu mau banget. Tebakanku sih kayanya cici mau kasi Garland *sok tau*, tapi mau dooong kalo beneran garland. Aku suka garlandnya cici, jadi keinget MV-nya Lee Hi yang Rose kalo liat foto cici lagi pake garland,hehe.

Aku bener2 update sama handmadenya ci Lulu (dari foto2 di blog/instagram cici) daaaan I know very well kalo semuanyaaa ga ada yang jelek. Ga maksud lebay sih, tapi kalo menurutku pribadi emang handmade nya cici belum ada yang keliatan jelek. Aku sih emang dasarnya suka benda2 favorit cici yang semacam pearls, rose, gems, dll, makanya tiap liat handmade cici yang semuanya berbau benda2 itu ya pasti langsung fangirling gitu deh,haha. Sempet coba nyontek bikin handmade yang ala cici, tapi yaa tentu saja followers ga akan sebagus trendsetter, haha. Biar ga OOT (Out of Topic) mending bahasan tentang handmade-ku next time aja, hehe.

Di persyaratan giveawaynya ci Lulu, ada syarat bikin blog post tentang cici. Nah makanyaa ini blog post didedikasikan untuk memenuhi syarat tersebut, lolol. She didn't ask for something hard. Iya, cici cuma minta kita post several things about her, and I'll just do it with pleasure. Jujur aku lebih suka sistem penilaian giveaway manualnya cici yang pake minta bikin blog post dll, paling males kalo uda giveway suru bikin post trus masih harus isi2 segala macem lewat Rafflecopter atau semacam itu. Soalnya nasibku selalu apes kalo ngikut giveway yang pake Rafflecopter ribet itu, ga perna menang :( *curcol
Terus menurutku cici menghargai kita2 para followersnya soalnya kalo pake metodenya cici kan pasti semua blog post participant giveawaynya kebaca, kalo pake Rafflecopter kan asal acak nomer gitu (gatau juga sih sistemnya Rafflecopter gimana, yang jelas nyebelin :p). Dan pasti perjuangan banget lah cici buat nentuin pemenangnya, soalnya bener2 dinilai langsung sama cici pake kriteria cici sendiri, sekali lagi bukan asal acak nomer yang nyebelin ala Rafflecopter atau Random number generator -_-

Sudah cukup bacot2an prolognya. Next bacotan adalah 10 things about ci Lulu. Sumpah ini sampe aku catet di kertas lhoooo, pas lagi di kampus males ngedengerin dosen malah keinget giveaway, haha *jangan ditiru*. Soooo 10 things about her are *sambil baca binder* :

1. Makeup Junkies-Lover-Addict, atau apapun istilahnya :3

Ini mah kalo ada followersnya yang gatau yaa udah parah banget, hehe. Jelas2 stated di profile-nya kalo cici called herself as make-up junkies. Koleksi make-up nya kayanya uda ngalah2in toko make-up ya,hehe. Tapi wajar juga kan cici profesinya make-up artist, kan malah aneh kalo gak punya makeup, lolol. Yang aku suka dari make-upnya cici, cici tuh ga perna lebai. Maksudnya menyesuaikan banget dengan warna kulit, bentuk wajah, dll dll. Kan banyak ya yang suka alay semacam pake circle lens super gede, pake waterline ato apa itu yang bikin mata keliatan terlalu gede sampe horor ngeliatnya. Trus banyak juga yang kalo shading sampe gelap banget & malah aneh. Menurutku itu maksa banget. Pake lens, waterline, shading, dll itu bagus kok, aku suka, asal sesuai & normal. Don't you think so, gurls?
Meskipun make-up lover, cici masih berani kasi tunjuk foto bareface-nya, dan masi suka becanda bilang mukanya kucel *padahal engga* hehe. Nah ini yang I love the most dari cici. Banyak lho make-up lover yang ga mau post foto barefacenya mereka, kadang ada yang sampe tidur tiap hari pun pake make-up, itu mah gila menurutku -_-
2. Great chef
Nah ini juga ketauan banget dari postingan blog/instagramnya cici. I love food, and I appreciate chefs! Masakan cici always keliatan enaaak bangeet, bikin ngileer >< Dan selalu berbaik hati bagi resep kalo ada yang nanya :) Menurutku skill masak tuh penting banget ya, apalagi buat cewe. Nah sekarang kan cici uda jadi istri+ibu, keliatan banget kan kalo skillnya cici berguna. Buktinya cici sering cerita kalo suaminya lahap banget kalo makan masakan cici. Trus ntar kalo Mason uda gede pasti bangga banget sama mamanya (dengan segala talentanya, ga cuma masak doang sih,hehe), apalagi kalo pas bawa bekal ke sekolah trus pas temennya bilang "Wah masakan mamamu enak banget". Ini pengalaman pribadi ya, dari dulu aku hepi banget kalo ada temen bilang masakan mamaku enak, soalnya banyak banget temen yang mamanya sibuk banget jadi ga perna sempetin masak buat anaknya.
3. Queen of DIY

Hahaha, yang ini sudah bisa dibaca dari bacotan prolog saya yang fangirling about her handmade. Ga bohong nih,boleh cekidot di instagramnya cici (@luluharry) atau langsung cari di blognya cici disini.
4. Always be herself
Cici nih orangnya apa adanya banget & selalu jadi diri sendiri. Terserah orang mau bilang apa, mau bilang yang jelek2 ato gimana, cici ga bakal gubris. Jadi istilahnya, anjing menggonggong kafilah tetap berlalu *ceilah XD
5. Sudden motivator
Ini 1 thing about her yang aku simpulin sendiri. Bagi pembaca blognya cici, sadar ga kalo tiap postingan cici tuh pasti ada nasehatnya? Ini sih kayanya cici ga sengaja, tapi emang kebetulan aja cici suka kasi nasihat lewat blog post nya. Dan menurutku nasihat cici selalu 'membangun', yaa meskipun dengan bahasanya cici yang super ceplos2, hahaha XD
6. Professional person
Cici nih orangnya profesional di segala bidang. Sbg make-up artist udah pasti profesional, kebukti dari foto2 klien cici yang perna cici post di blognya. Sejauh apa yang aku tangkap (beh bahasanyaa), cici nih pinter banget atur waktu, juga bagi2 cinta, hehe. Cici uda certified banget as a good wife, good mom, and good child. Asli nih, bisa dicek dari postingan2 cici about how much she loves her family. Family ga semata-mata suami sama anak doang cuma karena udah nikah, parents & siblings juga tetep penting banget buat ci Lulu. Salut banget sama cici!
7. Rich in everything
Disini aku ga mau bahas materi ya, meskipun ga bisa dipungkiri kalau dibidang ini cici juga rich, hehe. Menurutku cici itu rich di kasih sayang & talent. Keluarganya cici sayaang banget sama cici, cici juga sayaaang banget sama keluarga. Ini baru bisa dibilang rich, kalo disayang doang tapi ga menyayangi kan ga ada rich2nya tuh,hehe. Dari segi talent, gimana mau ngga rich, bisa disimpulin sendiri laah dari poin2 yang udah aku sebutin sebelumnya ;)
8. Stylish

Yes, it's true!Cici udah terkenal stylish dari jaduul, bahkan guru2 cici di makeup school pada impressed sama gaya cici :) Cici orangnya fashionable banget, pinter banget mix and match outfit. Dan hasilnya ga pernah alay, hehe. Cici orangnya suka bling2, rose dll. Tapi ga pernah kan pake outfit full bling2 dari atas ampe bawah, atau pake serba rose dari hair accesory sampe shoes? Kalau ituu berarti fashion terrorist, hehe. Cici tau banget cara buat tetep stylish and glamour in the good side, tanpa being too much ^^
9. Ceplas ceplos!
Banget mah yang ini! Hehe.. Tapi sekarang kita2 sebagai blog reader pilih mana, blogger yang pake bahasa santai di blognya, ato yang pake bahasa formal? Kalo aku sih pilih yang pake bahasa santai lah yaaa, secara kan lebih mudah dipahami gitu boo :D
Santainya cici udah bukan sembarang santai, bener2 ceplas ceplos abis, jadi berasa kayak ngomong langsung sama cici :D Tapi siap2 aja ngadepin banyak kata2 yang di-capslock, sama lololololol nya cici yang tiada henti, hahaha ^^ Meskipun ke-ceplas ceplosannya cici mengundang haters, but who cares? Haters gonna hate, ini udah hukum alam, mau jadi orang sebaik malaikat pun pasti tetep punya haters,iya kan?
10. Creative
Kekreatifan cici udah menyebar ke segala bidang, haha. Emang cici nih orangnya nyeni banget, kan orang seni biasanya kreatif :D Kebukti dari design handmadenya dia yang ga perna copas dari orang lain. Dan lagi cici suka desain sendiri buat interior rumahnya, dan semua design-nya cici sukses membuat saya jatuh cinta. Sekali lagi aku bilang, aku juga suka hal2 berbau rose, pearls, gems kaya cici. Jadi ga heran juga kalo aku suka desainnya cici.

Next, i'll tell you 15 things she loves, here we go:
1. Make-up
Yaiyalaah secaraa kan make-up junkies gituu :3 Banyak foto haul make-upnya cici yg buktiin betapa besarnya kecintaan cici pada make-up,lolol.
2. Roses
Udah seriiiing bangeeet disebutin sama cici, dan sekalinya cici nyebutin pasti sambil post foto2 berbau roses *handmade,anna sui stuffs,dll* yang amat sangat luar biasa menyegarkan mataaa lolol XD
3. Pearls
Sering disebutin juga sama cici, kayak si rose, hehe. Pearls are elegant, jadi ga heran lah yaw kalo cici suka ^ ^
4. Gems/ Bling bling/Glitters
Yang ga kenal cici pasti mikir apa jangan2 cici rapper kok suka blingbling,lolo. Kan rapper asesorisnya serba bling2, hehe. Tapi kalo bling2 nya cici lebih ke arah elegan yaa, bukan yang ala2 rapper ;) Aku juga suka bling bling things, tapi mostly cuma bros2ku aja yang bling2, pengen punya phone case bling2 kaya punya cici yang dibawah ini *ci izin copy yaa ><* tapi gatauu belinya dimana :(
Nah masa bling2 yang gini bau2 rapper? Ngga dong yaa, hehe :D
5. Aurora Borealis!

Bisa dibaca selengkap-lengkapnya disinii
6. Her old BB
Haha yang ini sih cici perna bilang pas cici post foto BBnya yang baru. Cici sebenernya masi sayang sama BB lamanya. Kurang inget sih dah brp taun, yang jelas uda lamaa bangeet, dan cici bilang BBnya ga rusak, palingan cuma keypadnya dah ngelotok2,hehe. Nah rusaknya gara2 kebanting pas cici mau bukain pintu, seingetku pas ada mas2 delivery paket (bahasanya yg bener apa sih?). Akhirnya casing depannya lepas jadi cici terpaksa beli baruuu, gitu :)
7. Garland

Gara2 suka rose, cici jadi punya banyak garland (tapi ga cuma rose,cici punya garland pake flower lain juga kok ;)). Bener2 pas buat beautify her fairy look, atau look2 lain yang pake make-up bright & warna2 spring ^^
8. Nail polish

Seperti yang kita liat, mayoritas fotonya cici kukunya ga polosan. Pasti terpoles warna-warni cantik. Entah cuma 1 warna, atau nail art yang kompleks + blingbling, yang jelas pasti kuku cici juga ikut gaya :D
9. Anna Sui

Cici perna bilang kalo cici suka banget barang2nya Anna Sui, soalnya pasti berbau rose. Dan yang jelas kualitasnya ga usah diragukan yaa, kan Anna Sui udah brand internasional ^^
Berhubung cici hobi masak, jadi otomatis lah jadi pecinta kuliner jugaa, soalnya cici kan ikut makan,hehe :3
11. Roller Coaster atau permainan lain yang berhubungan sama adrenalin
Yang ini sih jujur heran banget cici kok bisa suka. Aku sih liat orang naik aja udah ikut mual, jadi ga bakal ikut coba deh -_- You can read more about it here
12.  Dogs
Kata ci Lulu, cici udah pelihara sekitar 9-11 anjing dari jaman cici SD. Whoa, DAEBAK! Aku aja dapet pelihara kucing satu dah bersin2 (maklum alergi,padahal aku cat lover T T), dan liat adek pelihara hamster sekarang enek soalnya makin banyak -_- Tapi salut banget sama cici, bener2 care sama doggynya, kalo mati cici sedih banget. Bisa dimengerti sih, kan anjing itu bestfriendnya manusia
13. Laces
Sudah obsessed tingkat tinggi! Sama seperti kasusnya rose,hahaha XD
14. Drama Korea
Gatau deh Drakor nih bisa disebut 'things' apa ngga. Tapi yang jelas cici sering beli DVD Drakor, katanya sih uda seabrek koleksinya,hehe. Ampe yang ga kepake berakhir jadi door accesory (tapi ditambah rose,dll ya, ga mungkin lah cici gantung DVD polos di depan pintu lolol). Very creative, dari pada kebuang sia-sia DVDnya :)
15. Sasak!
Ini jujur paling susaah buat cari yang ke-15, bener2 peres otak mikirnya lol. Sekali lagi, gatau deh sasak masuk ke 'things' apa bukan. Yang jelas cici hobi banget sasak rambut. Sasak ala cici simpel sih, ga terlalu tinggi. Jadi cocok buat segala acara (asal bukan sport ya). All-kill-style nya cici tuh sasak+smokey eyes+KILLER cat eyeliner, ini udah bener2 signature, trademark, pokoknya ASLI ala ci Lulu!

Nah semua poin diatas truly my own opinion, ga ada maksud biar nambah poin or something. Aku nulis ini ikhlas kok, kan sekalian mengutarakan pendapatku tentang cici :) Ga menang pun ga masalah, soalnya aku tau kalo yang ikut giveawaynya cici pasti banyak bangeet, dan yang kepilih ntar kan cuma 5. Kalo emang bisa kepilih sih ya bersyukur doong, hihi >w<

That's all for today, maaf kalo ci Lulu ntar pas baca jadi kecapekan scroll2 ga brenti2,hehe
See you on next post,dear readers :*


Easter gift from a friend

Today i'm going to post some photos of my Easter gift from a poupeefriend. I know it's too late to talk about Easter, but i think better late than never ^ ^
The friend that sent this gift is the same person with the one that sent me X-mas gift that i also post in my blog. Her name is Kyoko, and her poupee name is Ushiko, she's from Japanese.
Anyway, when i posted some of the gift photos in poupee, i also included a link to her closet. And she got a lot of friend requests after i did it. That's funny! I'm sure those girls want to get gift like mine XD
Here are the photos~!

It's the stamps of the package! So cute, right? I think you can guess what inside the package after seeing these stamps

So i got something from Disney Land Japan! I still save this plastic bag, it's too cute to be thrown away!

Here is the super cute Mickey Cookie Phone Strap from Tokyo Disney Resort! I'm dying of cuteness!
I don't want to reduce the photo size, so all of you can see how cute this strap was! lol

I also got some other stuffs along with this strap. Here are them.
 I got this doll and 3 handkerchieves. You can see 2 of the handkerchieves in the photo above, but i forgot to take photo of the 3rd one, it was from Nina Ricci. It's pink and has the most delicate flower print, very beautiful.
The left handkerchief on the photo was from Yves Saint Laurent, and the right one was from Pierre Balmain.
This is the clear photo of the YSL print.
I'm sorry for the ugly photo, but at least you can see the print clearly. The YSL one made from very soft and smooth fabric compared to the other. But for the print i love the Nina Ricci one <3

My friend give me this cute little doll because last time she just bought 5 dolls for my sister and she couldn't find one for me.
So then she sent me this cute teddy. It's very thoughtful of her to bought the dolls for my sister, she was afraid that my sisters would envy my gifts.

Wow, this post becomes very long because of the big pics, lol! Well that's all i could tell about this gift, hope you enjoy it!
See you next time~!