Marble Steam Cake

Today I'm going to post steam cake recipe that I made few hours ago ^^ My blogger friend, Jannatul Rahamoni requested it through Instagram after I post my steam cake recipe. Here is the pic.
Sorry for bad picture,hehe ^^v But as you can see, the cake was quite fluffy and rise well. Steam cake might be only popular in several countries in Asia (or maybe only Indonesia? :/). The cake texture was different compared with baked cake. Baked cakes are usually a little bit dry, especially the edge of the cake. But this steam cake is just fluffy inside and outside. You don't have to cut any edge, like what usually done on baked cake to make it prettier.
My mom is the one who keeps on insisting me to make this cake. I don't really like to make cake, because of the fact that I often fail, LOL XD This is my first attempt in making this kind of steam cake, there are many kinds of steam cakes, this one is quite harder than what I ever tried, but gives better result too :)
Enough for the prologue, here's the real recipe :

2 eggs
200 gr sugar
2 tsp cake emulsifier
275 gr all purpose flour
1/2 tsp baking powder
225 ml plain soda (I use sprite, but I forgot reduce the sugar amount, so it turned out sweeter than expected,hehe)
chocolate paste (optional)
1/2 tsp vanilla sugar, or you can replace it with vanilla extract

1. Mix flour and baking powder, set aside.

2. Beat eggs+sugar+cake emulsifier with mixer (high speed) for about 10 minutes till it become stiff.

3. Lower the speed of your mixer (lowest speed). Add flour mixture into your batter, just little by little, and keep on whisking. Alternate with soda. I mean put flour a little bit, then soda a little bit, then flour again, continuously while keep on whisking. If you put all the flour inside and then soda, it will be harder for you to mix it well, the dough will be too stiff. Turn off your mixer, add vanilla sugar into the dough and mix it with wooden/plastic spatula. The dough has to be well mixed :D

4. Take about 200 gr of the batter (or you can use your feeling, no need to measure,hehe), add chocolate paste. Actually it stated in the recipe that it needs 1/8 tsp of chocolate paste for 200 gr batter. But I put almost 1 tsp and I still got no chocolate taste. But this is optional, you can put the paste as many as you want (not too many or it'll taste weird,lol), you can also use other paste. Or if you don't want any flavouring, you can use food colorings (so you still able to make marble with different color), or just skip this step if you don't want any marble design, hehe. After this step completed you will get white batter and chocolate batter.

5. Pour the white batter into greased mold (grease the mold with butter/vegetable oil). Or pour it into cupcake mold covered with cupcake papers. Pour it only about 1/2 of the mold. Then pour the chocolate batter, only 1/4 above the white batter. You need to leave space a little bit because it will rise a lot.
Use chopstick or satay stick to make marble design, don't let your stick touch the bottom part of the mold.

6. Steam it in preheated steam pot for about 10-15 minutes (high heat).

Sorry for my confusing tutorial! My English is just so messy! But I hope everyone can understand ><
Any questions are welcome ^_^


  1. Hey!! thanks for the recipe <3 I can't wait to make it... HAve a nice day

    1. You're welcome! :D glad that you liked it, have a nice day too ^_^