Gift from Japan

Today I'm going to post some pictures of my package that has just arrived today from Japan. It's a gift from my Japanese friend, Ushiko (she's the one who gave me the 2 gifts in my older posts (this and this). It was supposed to arrived during Christmas week. But weeelll, I don't want to expect too much from the post office in my country, at least I'm so relived that my package didn't get stolen. My friend Ushiko send me a dress from famous Japanese brand (I don't really remember the name) a long long time ago, and I never seen it since IT WAS STOLEN by the post officer. Well I don't have any evidence, but I'm pretty sure it was stolen since it's a branded dress, and this is not my first time hearing this kind of news. I mean, too many thieves here in my country, you can just trust NO ONE. And I think this kind of thief post officer doesn't only exist in my country, right? Sure one of you have ever experience the same thing.

The package arrived in OPENED condition. Yes, all my package from her always being opened first by them (the post officers). I don't know if this also happens in other country, but I just hate it! It's supposed to be private, I should be the first person who see it. My friend won't send me bombs or guns, seriously -,-
Surely my dress was stolen right after they open it. Maybe the officer thinks that the dress would fits her daughter or something so that's why he steal it. Nevermind, God is never sleep, right? God knows what to do with those kind of person :D

Ok I will start with the 1st picture

It's a hello kitty towel/handkerchief. I don't know why but my friend always include one or more handkerchief in the package. My mom is always the one who got in love with these handkerchieves since she 'collects' it (I mean she has a lot xD). But nevermind, I'm just grateful with all the gift and I will just treasure it xD

Cheburashka! I used to know nothing about this character, but few days ago Line Play made the Cheburashka avatar and I was like "Oh this is so cute!", aaaand now I got my very own Cheburashka item. What a coincidence! <3

Above keychain is from Samantha Thavasa. I don't really know about that brand, but all I know that luggage keychain is so cute! And it's pink! Lol. I was looking at the plastic package, and I saw the word Lipton. It reminds me of the Lipton sweets spoon keychains. First time I saw that keychain photo posted by my poupeefriend, I suddenly fell in love! Haha. If only I can have that spoon keychain... But of course I'm not gonna beg to my friend to send me that keychain (though it was cheap xD). She's been so kind to send me all of these stuffs that I never have before, so I'm very thankful! ^^
Anyway this is the spoon keychain photo, I got it from Google

And this photo is another phone strap from her, a random pink little bunny. I don't know the brand because it's written in Japanese,hehe.

And this one. I'm sure y'all know his name (I'm the only one who don't know, or maybe he has no name? :/ ). He's the mushroom from Mario game, right? I love this little mushroom, it's just so cute <3

And this is Mickey delivery truck from Disney. I've just realized that the thing behind the truck was a bowl of rice, hehe.

Cute stitch!!!!

Another cute little creature with unknown brand. I have to say that this is my favourite among all. I love that creepy little evil dressed in cow costume. And also it made from a good material, kind of strong a little bit heavy. PERFECT!

Anna Sui Clutch. I don't know if this is a real Anna Sui item or not. But all I know Japan doesn't have any fake brand stuffs. Am I right? My mom completely in love with this beautiful holographic clutch, especially with the fact it has some card holder inside just like another perfect clutch,hehe.

And this one, ummm, I think it's some kind of traditional card with the seal. I thought of it after seing the back side of the package.
I was afraid to ruin it if I open it,haha. Because the bird ornament looks so delicate. But then I opened it carefully, it was really a card with two envelopes and that bird as a seal. Japanese people are really creative and so detailed. The bird ornament must be a handmade, I think, and it's just very well designed <3

Banana crepe! It looks so real, right?? This is also my favourite!

Above photo is the plastic bag where she puts the little straps and keychains. It's super cute that I decided to keep it, hahah! I also used it as background for most of the pictures above.
And the last but not least, here is the postcard from her.

My friend never forget to put a simple letter or a postcard in her gift, and it's always cute! I'm not showing you the content because it's private,only between bestie and bestie, hihi ;)

That's all for my post today! I'm still waiting for other gift from my Finland friend which is also supposed to arrived during Christmas. She only sent handmade Christmas, it's just so weird that it took a long time to arrives. I'm still hoping that I will get my card.

I just remembered that I used to collect miscellaneous keychains and phone straps when I was younger. But I stopped collecting them because I don't want to waste my money, lol. But with this gift I feel like collecting those items again, haha. I really really love all the gift! I'm not that kind of a girl who always celebrate birthday with big party and got many gifts. I rarely got any gift from no one, so that's why I'm always super excited and grateful when I got anything from person who loves me ^^

Have a nice day everyone! :D


  1. such a sweet gifts <3
    I remember that mug I saw on instagram!!
    U r so lucky to have a nice friend like her <3


    1. haha yes the mug was also from her, she's really my sweetest friend ^^
      thank you ^^