Tuna Spring Roll Recipe

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Today I'm going to post a recipe of the springroll that I just made this afternoon. No one asked me to share the recipe but I just feel like sharing it since it was easy to make ^^
The recipe is not my own one, I got it from a blog. I was craving for savory food, and I remembered that Mom have some spring roll wrappers left in refrigerator after she made her samosa. And also there are some leftover tuna that my Dad bought few days ago. So why not a tuna spring roll? xD
You can click this link for the recipe, although I will also type the recipe here (with a little bit of modification hehe)

fresh tuna ( I don't use any exact amount, anyway you can substitute tuna with stir-fried chicken or beef meat )
1 medium-sized potato
1 small-sized carrot
4 scallions, finely sliced
chili powder and ground white pepper (optional)
salt to taste
2 eggs, beaten
spring roll wrappers, separated
vegetable cooking oil for frying

How to :
1. Steam the fresh tuna, then chop it into chunks. If you use beef or chicken meat, you can stir-fry it with some onion and salt to make it savory.
2. Cut the potato and carrot into small cubes. Fry them and drain on paper towel.
3. Mix tuna with potato, carrot, scallions, and the seasonings. Stir well.
4. Add the beaten eggs into the tuna mixture. Just pour about 3/4 of it, you don't want your spring roll filling to be too wet, it might torn your wrapper. Use the leftover eggs as glue later on the folding section.

You know what? There were only 3 wrappers left on my refrigerator, lol xD I was thinking about make the rest of filling into omelette, but then my Mom told me to make some rissole skins as wrapper.
So here I will also tell you the recipe of rissole wrapper (my picture above the post shows you what a rissole is). I dont use any exact amount of everything, lol. Just based on my mom's instinct haha.

So the recipe is :
flour (It's maybe about 100gr, I didn't measure it ><)
1 egg
salt to taste

Mix all the ingredients well. Your batter should be thin, uhmm maybe as thin as crepe batter.
Then heat a pan on a stove (low heat), spread a spoonful of your batter on the pan. SPREAD it, like how you spread crepe batter. The rissole wrapper size should be smaller than your spring roll wrapper since it has thicker consistency.
Cook the rissole wrapper evenly on both side. Just cook it for a while, not too long, the color of the rissole shouldn't get yellow/ golden, you don't have to wait till the color change, just cook on both side till " it can be touched", no longer a wet batter.

I'M SORRY FOR MY LAME EXPLANATION >< I will learn English more so I can provide more qualified blog posts ^^v

Ok now we go to the folding section. You can learn the best way to fold your spring roll here.
You can fold your rissole in the same way as spring roll. But if your rissole wrapper is too thick, maybe you'll face difficulties on folding it ^^v

Don't forget to glue the end of your spring roll and rissole wrappers with eggs. You can just start frying your spring roll. But for the rissole, there are 2 more steps needed before you start frying it.
Beat 1 egg together with a very little bit of flour and water. Dip your rissole into the egg mixture. Roll it over breadcrumbs. Then you can fry it ^^

Sorry for no step by step photos. I never made any proper cooking tutorial before so that's why I'm bad in this >< Hope you enjoy my post and have a nice day ^^

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