Christmas gift from a poupeefriend

Hi guys! Long time no blogging XD
I'm going to show you my christmas presents from my beloved friend in poupeegirl. She's a Japanese but we communicate in English

It's a cute plastic bag,right? Let's see what's inside

A box with a rilakkuma mug inside, here's the mug photo

Don't you think it's a super cute mug? She knows that i'm a big fan of rilakkuma and korilakkuma, and i was so surprised to know that i got this from her XD

She sent 5 teddy bears for my sisters (i have 5 sisters ^ ^), and my sisters are too happy to know that and they took all of the dolls. But my elder sister decided to let me own the doll (it's very nice of her :* ), and here is mine

I like this doll because it has no fur :D I have fur allergy (though i love every fluffy stuff) and i'm happy cz i can hug this doll without sniffing :D But i still keep it in box, i want all my gifts keep safe and new :)
It's bad that i can't take the photos of my sister's dolls, their dolls have different design with mine, and even have fur :3
I'm going to post the rest of my presents in my poupeegirl account, if you don't mind please add me there ^ ^

And here's the postcard that's attached with the gift. I will only show you the cover, not the content ;)

It's so Japanese-themed, and i looooove it >w<

Even the stamps on the box are also cute, she puts some bunny stamps, i love bunnies <3

I'm really sorry for some unclear photos, at least you can see the items clearly :)
And also sorry for my bad English, i hope you can understand what i mean XD