Easter gift from a friend

Today i'm going to post some photos of my Easter gift from a poupeefriend. I know it's too late to talk about Easter, but i think better late than never ^ ^
The friend that sent this gift is the same person with the one that sent me X-mas gift that i also post in my blog. Her name is Kyoko, and her poupee name is Ushiko, she's from Japanese.
Anyway, when i posted some of the gift photos in poupee, i also included a link to her closet. And she got a lot of friend requests after i did it. That's funny! I'm sure those girls want to get gift like mine XD
Here are the photos~!

It's the stamps of the package! So cute, right? I think you can guess what inside the package after seeing these stamps

So i got something from Disney Land Japan! I still save this plastic bag, it's too cute to be thrown away!

Here is the super cute Mickey Cookie Phone Strap from Tokyo Disney Resort! I'm dying of cuteness!
I don't want to reduce the photo size, so all of you can see how cute this strap was! lol

I also got some other stuffs along with this strap. Here are them.
 I got this doll and 3 handkerchieves. You can see 2 of the handkerchieves in the photo above, but i forgot to take photo of the 3rd one, it was from Nina Ricci. It's pink and has the most delicate flower print, very beautiful.
The left handkerchief on the photo was from Yves Saint Laurent, and the right one was from Pierre Balmain.
This is the clear photo of the YSL print.
I'm sorry for the ugly photo, but at least you can see the print clearly. The YSL one made from very soft and smooth fabric compared to the other. But for the print i love the Nina Ricci one <3

My friend give me this cute little doll because last time she just bought 5 dolls for my sister and she couldn't find one for me.
So then she sent me this cute teddy. It's very thoughtful of her to bought the dolls for my sister, she was afraid that my sisters would envy my gifts.

Wow, this post becomes very long because of the big pics, lol! Well that's all i could tell about this gift, hope you enjoy it!
See you next time~!


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