Liebster Award

This is my very first post about Liebster Award. I was nominated by my blogger friend Jannatul Rahamoni 4 days ago (please check out her beautiful blog too!). I hope it's not too late to post about this award now ^^
So the rules are :
  • Each person tagged must post 11 things about themselves
  • They must also answer the 11 questions the tagger has set for them
  • They must create 11 more questions to ask bloggers they have decided to tag
  • They must then choose 11 bloggers to tag with less than 200 followers
  • These lucky bloggers must be told
  • There are no tag backs
First i'm going to tell you 11 random things about me :
1. I'm an Arabian and i live in Indonesia, but my dad is an Asian (Yemen) and my mom is an African (Morocco), so overall i'm just Arabian.
2. I suffered from chickenpox about 2months ago and the marks haven't even dissapeared --"
3. I often be a victim of racism, but myself is not a racist
4. I'm in love with cheesy things, like cream cheese soup and lasagna
5. I love Moroccan food more than Indonesian food
6. I love painting my nails, and anyone's nails
7. I'm 18 y.o, single and never think about going steady with a guy. Maybe later, after marriage, lol
8. I'm quite temperamental, people think i'm a troublemaker but sometimes they just judge without knowing the real fact
9. When i hate someone, i never show it, that's the only way to get a respect, i think
10. I always love to offer my cooking to my friends, and i'll be very happy if they like it
11. I have a friend that is about 50years older than me, but i love her and i treat her like my own family

And here's the 11 question from Jannatul Rahamoni :
1.What's your favorite youtube video(or what Type of)?
- I love cooking tutorial video, and MVs
2.How could you describe your style?
- Casual, but i love to wear loose tops
3.What is your eye color?
- Dark brown, almost black
4.Do you speak any other language except English?
- Yes, i speak Indonesian, some traditional languages, Arabic & Deutsch (a little bit)
5.Do you love cooking?
- Yes, very much
6.What's your favorite TV show?
- I love watching Asia's Next Top Model Show
7.Who is your celebrity crush?
- Tom Cruise, but unfortunately he has married. So i moved to Skandar Keynes <3
8.Where are you from?
- Indonesia
9.Do you have pet?
- Yes, some hamsters, but actually they belong to my sisters
10.When did you start blogging?
- When i was in high school, maybe about 3years ago
11.What one thing is the most important to your life?
- My mom, she's my everything <3
11 Questions for bloggers that i tagged here :
1. What's your real name?
2. Where do you live?
3. Do you have any blog other than blogspot?
4. Do you love animals?Then what animal you like?
5. What's your hobby?
6. Describe yourself in 3words!
7. Are you single or married or in a relationship?
8. Which one do you love most, mom or dad?Or maybe both?
9. What's your favorite food?
10. Which one you prefer : cook meals for someone, or eat a meal cooked by someone?
11. What's your favorite color? 

The Bloggers i nominate :
 Snow White
Jella's Zone (She's my friend in real life too ^^)
Isabella Speight
Cami (She's my friend in poupeegirl, and a huge fan of hellokitty  ^^)

That's all that i can tag, most of the other bloggers have >200 follower~
Have a great day!