Explosion Tape Mani

Hi girls! Today I'm going to post my old explosion tape manicure photo. I got the tutorial from other nail blogger, but I forgot her name, I'm sorry! ^^v

Please just ignore my sweet finger, I accidentally cut my finger while I was cleaning my scissor to cut the tape -_-
But anyway don't you think the animal printed bandage looks cute? hihi XD

Maybe you can't clearly see what colors that i painted on my nails. Well, let me explain it one by one. I put on the explosion shaped mani on my nails right after I let my base coat dry. Then I paint one third of my nail (the lower part) with light pink polish, it's the one that I hold in photo.
And I paint the upper part with dark pink, sorry that i don't show the polish on photo ^^v. And i let the center part unpolished.

Then I paint a layer of silver glitter polish on my nails. After I  got it dry, I pulled off all the tapes and started draw black outline for the explosion effect. For the final touch i apply a layer of top coat.
I know that the result wasn't so good since it was my first attempt on tape mani, but honesty I really liked it ^ ^

Have a wonderful day, friends! :)


  1. wow! Fun nails, love the unique design! You have such a cute bandage too!


  2. Oh my! Sad you cut your finger! Get well soon!
    The bandage looks cute and I love the elegant nail color!
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    1. thanks :D
      i'll definitely check out your blog :D

  3. I love it ! I want to try it!

    1. thanks dear! let me see it soon after you try it ;)

  4. uwaaaaa super cuteeee!
    i want to try itttt ❤

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  5. love it! The design is so cute ^^ lovely blog

    Do you want to follow each other? :)

    xx ♥