poupee cosplay

this is my 1st time doing cosplay using my poupeedoll since the looklet site closed.
my 1st cosplay is f(x) amber in electric shock teaser photo

And the second one is After School Raina in Bang!
They don't really looked alike, but i think i've done my best ^^


  1. SO cute !! The hair is practicaly the same, I love it :) ! I'd love to make cosplay outfits in poupee someday, you inspired me to do it !

    Thanks for your comment, I wish I could open a sanrio museum lol !

  2. About my new years resolution, so funny we have almost the same resolutions ! lol
    I havent had the chance to paint my room ! sadly :( I don't know if I'll do it any time soon, because probably I'll move away from home next year so probably doesnt worht it? I still dont know hehe ^^
    Did you move to your new house not long a go? It was fun? If I get the chance to ove I think I'll miss home a lot!

  3. you're going to move away from home?is it due to your study?
    well it must be very sad, but you will get new experience and new environment ^^ maybe you can paint your new room soon :)
    i moved to my new house since 6monnths ago, it was fun because i got own room, in my old house i used to sleep with my sis,hihi
    of course i still love my old house but my new house is also good, so i dont regret it ^^