Eid cookies

Here are some photos of my handmade Eid cookies. I know that it's too late to post something about Eid but i just want to share these photos with everyone :)

1. Cornflakes and Date Cookies
This one has unique texture compared to the other. It's quite sandy because of the cornflake <3

2. Coconut and Raisin Cookies.
I added some spices too, so it smells strong but yummy :3

3. Choco Cornflake Cookies
This one is the easiest. It's a no-bake cookie, all you need to do is just melt the chocolate and add some cornflake. Place it in a small cup and let it cool in room temperature.

3. Cheese Sticks
This one tastes so cheesy because i add much cheddar and edam cheese. But i think i prefer 'cheesy' cheese sticks than the 'salty' ones.

4. Chocochip Cookies
I use basic chocochip cookies recipe, but i changed the brown sugar with palm sugar because i can't find it in my place. That's why the color is a bit darker than the common chocochip cookies

5. Pineapple Tart
This is my favorite! This one is quite famous compared to the other cookies. Chinese people (mostly in Singapore) serve it during their New Year. This cookie has many different shapes according the preference. I always shape my pineapple tart like an apple, i cover the jam with the dough and make a round shape, then i put a clove on the top. The cloves also add strong scent and nice taste to my precious cookies ^ ^

6. Butter Cookies
This is just an ordinary butter cookie, but this one become my favorite too after the pineapple one. It has smooth texture and nice taste because it has 2 flavors, vanilla and chocolate.
My sister and I are chocolate lovers so we always want our butter cookies have chocolate flavor, because vanilla is just too ordinary XD

I'm a newbie in cooking and making cookies, but i've done my best in making these cookies. I know that they might look not so well-shaped but i think outer shell doesn't express the real taste, right?

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  1. These are AMAZING! They don't only look delicious but also very cute !I wouldnt think you're a newbie cook, you're very good ! let me try these someday hehe~