boys~boys~boys XD


These Korean boys are amazing!
Don't you think so?

 This is Lee Sungmin from SuJu. He's my sweet pumpkin XD

 And this is Park Ji Ho, he's an ulzzang. But i think he has been a model now.
He's so cute, right? And one more thing, he's a bit looked alike with SNSD-SeoHyun when he dressed-up as girl. I ever seen the video of his crossdress, and my friend even can't believe if he's a boy XD

And this is Kevin from U-Kiss. He's just so cute (even pretty) and a bit reminds me to 2AM JoKwon when he dances :D

This is my cute SungJong from Infinite. He's one of 4 smile angels from Infinite :D
His smile is so sweet indeed :* And he's such a diva! His voice is really girl voice! Haha XD
And this guy also reminds me to JoKwon. They both so slender and flexible, haha XDDD

He's GD from Bigbang for sure X) He's so talented, i'm sure everybody in this world knows him!

This is TOP from Bigbang! Gosh~! His style and face expression are so original!

And the last is Yoo SeungHo! He's my Prince Chunchu!
I'm impressed by his act in Queen SeonDeok drama. He's the coolest prince ever!
And his smile is killing me!

Well,that's all for now. I'm sure all of you know these amazing guys. And i'm sure you love them too,haha XD

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