My holidays are so boring,i have nothing to do.
So i just blogging and poupeeing.
Today i'm going to post something about candies,but nothing important,just wanna show you some candy pictures XD

 This is nougat. I've never tasted the original France nougat. But at least i've tasted this kind of sweets from local candy brand,hehe

Remember this scene? If yes, i'm sure that you'll remember Edmund's favorite sweets, Turkish Delight!
It's the Turkish Delight! I've found the recipe of it,but still afraid to try. If i'm failed,i'll waste much sugars whereas they can be used for other kinds of sweets!

Gummy candies! Always have this in my pocket since i was a baby XDD

I'm chewing this sweets now! ^ ^

Long time ago,i won't be able to found this sucker candy in my city. Even i ask my dad to buy it from outside city.
But now people sell this candy in very reasonable price,no need much efforts to get it = =''

This is candied ginger. They taste so great,sweet but a bit spicy. They help make me warm when the weather is cold. And help really well for seasick,carsick or whatever-sick. They cure flatulence too ^ ^

 I'm craving for cotton candy! TT^TT
Kyaaa~ I want to eat it X(

Oooh, i want to show you about cajuput candy, but i can't find the picture of it.
Maybe i should take the picture myself =..=

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